Friday, November 1, 2013

Things like what happened today is what really drives me....

Things like what happened today is what really drives me....

I got up at 3:30 a.m. to go train and after I answered some e-mails and grabbed my MuscleGel, I saw on Twitter that a young guy named Adrian was driving two hours in the morning to come train with me at Old School Gym. Well, it was an absolute blast. Adrian rolled in and trained his tail off with our group. We did the Shoulder Shocker 2 workouts and finished in about an hour and Adrian did a great job.
I hooked my man up with a book and a signed cover from one of my magazines and away I went, off to the track for my morning post-workout lunges.
Then something really cool happened as I noticed an Instragram pic from him.

It read: @akirsch15 Getting to workout with @musclepharmpres was the equivalent to a huge basketball fan getting to workout with LeBron James. One day I’ll be in his position and I won’t let anything stop me.

First off, reading something like that is extremely humbling. I certainly don’t look at myself in that regard. I get up each morning trying to reach the goals I have set in my mind for MusclePharm and my family, and I learned a long time ago that helping people and motivating them is my main purpose. It truly is a thrill to do that and I always appreciate the support from everyone in MP Nation. Be certain that I will keep challenging all of us so we can all get better.

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