Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Eats...What to do?

Thanksgiving Eats

Should I eat that pie or not? With the holiday season and Thanksgiving approaching, that’s the question I’ve been getting a lot lately.
Well, here’s my answer. I say, yes, you have to enjoy the holidays and family time, and enjoying all the good food that goes along with it is part of that.
I remember a long time ago I got called to do a shoot for a magazine right around this time of year. That meant I couldn’t partake in the holiday treats, which meant my Thanksgiving consisted of turkey and salad.
It was absolutely miserable and I vowed to never let that happen again and to focus on enjoying myself during the holidays. 
Having this approach is also a good break from not only your body but most importantly your mind. Now, here’s another good piece of advice that goes along with this. Don’t get too wild with the eating, but make sure you enjoy yourself. Find that balance because you only have so many Thanksgivings in your lifetime, but there are plenty of normal days to eat strict.
So grab that slice of pie, enjoy the holidays and make the most of this season.

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