Monday, November 4, 2013

Gotta Have a Date on the Calendar...

Most people have a hard time reaching their goals and I truly believe it’s because they have no date on the calendar, no deadline for the goal to be reached.
Coming from a training background, I had to figure out and find a lot of different ways to get my clients on track and excited to reach their goals. But after years and years of doing shows and meets, I realized having a set date on the calendar is the key.
You always need to have something in front of you to work for if you want to reach your goals.
Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Cory, I don’t want to enter a bodybuilding show or enter a powerlifting competition.” Well, I get that, but a date on the calendar is still critical.
They key to all of this is “What lights your fire?” Is a trip or a vacation you set up 3-6 months down the road? Maybe your goal is upgrading your car if you reach a certain bodyweight or body fat percentage. Only you know what drives you to kick your butt in gear. Whatever it is, set that goal for yourself and put that date on the calendar! Once I set that date, I am locked and loaded with a tunnel vision that is hard to break. From then until that date, it’s all about achieving that one goal.
So set a goal, write a goal down today and get to work!

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