Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Could Feel It In The Air....

I could feel it in the air....

Yesterday, I spoke to my guys at the Old School Gym about doing a powerlifting meet in January. It’s been a while since I’ve done one and I could definitely tell that my crew & all of the 5 a.m. warriors at the gym needed a goal to work towards and a date to go after it. 
Once I brought it up and spoke to my crew, they all responded with a smile and a, “Yeah, I’m down G” response. It was pretty cool to see and our workout was great. I also constantly need that goal in front of me for myself & it solidifies my training over the next 3 months which is great.
We changed a few things up, going back to some Westside Barbell-type programming and it quickly became obvious that everyone was ready to attack the same goals.
Fast forward to today and when I roll in, everybody is there on time and excitedly talking about the upcoming battle against the numbers they’re shooting for on the platform or what they’ve done previously. It was awesome to see and definitely contagious as the energy was impressive in the gym.
It’s going to be a new experience for a lot of them and another meet for us experienced guys to test ourselves.
For myself, my goal is to compete at what will be my lowest bodyweight ever for a meet (181 pounds). Believe it or not, I’ve competed at 198, 220 and 242 in the past. Pretty crazy, right?
This will be my fourth different weight class and I’m really excited for it. A lot of it goes back to what I posted yesterday, writing down a goal, setting a date on the calendar and going after it.
I would absolutely recommend you set up your own meet for yourself, even if you don’t compete in an official meet. Get a workout buddy, set an 8-week goal and train for it like you’re getting on the platform.
At the end of the 8 weeks, you both max out on all three lifts (Squat/Bench/Deadlift). It’s a great way to test yourself and, better yet, it’s the perfect way to focus yourself on a goal.
I guarantee having that goal in front of you will push your strength to new levels, it will yield some great 
results and you’ll be happy you did it.
The funny thing about setting up these types of challenges and goals for your team, crew or gym is how electric the atmosphere gets real quick...

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