Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lunging in the snow... It's all about #Mindset

Lunging in the snow... It's all about #Mindset

(Notice the Knee spot in between the footprints too!! lol)

Here’s a glimpse into my mindset - I’m going to be one of the most influential and impactful people in this industry.
I don’t want to just sell you a supplement. I want to help you create a lifestyle and a solid structure for whatever your goals may be in and outside of the gym. 
I get up everyday and want to be this and as I believe it more and more I see my role evolving.
This is my definitive purpose and what I am striving to be. I write this out daily along with all of the other goals I want to achieve. I will put in the work and do whatever it takes to push myself to that next level.
With that in mind, when I got up, I looked out the window and saw we had our first snow in Ohio and I had to drive to Pittsburgh later that day for meetings.
Prior to going to bed, I told myself I needed to set my alarm for 3:15 a.m., get up and hit the track for lunges from 3:45-4:15 and then head to the gym for some max effort chest work from 5-6 before heading out of town for my meetings.
So, there I was in the snow at 3:45 a.m., doing my lunges. I know it sounds and seems a little crazy, but like I’ve said before, the next time I get on stage I want to make sure my legs are just crazy. Plus, it’s really helping all my lifts go back up as I dive into the powerlifting world again. 
I strive to make a difference, but the only way to make a difference is to lead by examples.
Keep setting goals #MPNation. Find your why, find your definitive purpose and do everything you can to drive it home.

Thanks Cory Gregory


  1. I know a little about lunging in the cold :-) It was 25° this morning at Ft. Bragg, certainly cold enough to be snowing!

  2. just shared this on facebook!!'re the epitome of discipline and work ethic!! hope to see you soon! much love all the way from the PHILIPPINES!!