Thursday, November 7, 2013

Deep Breath and a Sense of Accomplishment....

Deep Breath and a Sense of Accomplishment....

I documented pretty thoroughly on social media in Sept. and Oct. that I did several photo shoots and capped it off by entering a bodybuilding show. Throughout the process i didn’t really see anything in print or on video but I kept up all of the rigorous prep and dieting while traveling because I knew it would be worth it.
Well, the first spread from Inside Fitness in Canada just hit my mailbox yesterday and it was very cool. I went there to shoot a cover and put together a super-sick ring workout article, but managed to do a few other things while I was there, too.
The one pic above shows the bench press which turned into a couple double-page pics, and I was also able to get in some squatting and deadlifting too. Everything turned out fantastic and it’s something so small but means a lot. Every time I wanted to eat poorly or miss a workout I thought of the multiple opportunities I will have this year because I am staying disciplined and not veering from my goals.
Remember, “The pain of the process is only temporary, but the feeling of achievement is always worth it.” Keep that close to you, take a deep breath and fight through the trials and enjoy the accomplishment.

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  1. Love all your stuff. Products are amazing, love the workouts, tweets are awesome, now I check your blog every day. Simply great stuff. Has helped push me past what I thought my "stuck" weight was of around 165, scaled said 150 today. Appreciate it.