Monday, November 11, 2013

A killer Workout with UFC Fighter Mike Bisping.....

A killer Workout with UFC Fighter Mike Bisping.....

This past weekend I traveled to California for some executive meetings and on the morning I left, UFC middleweight standout Mike Bisping hit me up about a Twitter voting contest for the new UFC video game from EA Sports.
As always, I was more than happy to help as he is one of our long-time MP athletes.
After we went back and forth a few times, I suddenly realized that I remembered where he lived and where I was staying in California was only about 20 minutes from his house. So, I hit him up and being the crazy guy I am I said, “Let’s grab a 5 a.m. workout. I’ve got some crazy shoulder and leg endurance stuff I want to show you.”
Mike’s no nonsense response: “Sure, mate. I’ll pick you up and let’s rock.”
It was pretty cool. Mike is an extremely hard working guy and I knew he would love my craziness.
We ended up at Velocity Training Center and we were joined by his trainer, Scot Prohaska, MusclePharm COO Richard Estelallea and MP Board Member Michael Doran.
Well, we had exactly one hour to hit a high-rep barrage of shoulders and leg conditioning and we definitely got after it.
I wanted to share the workout with MP Nation as well. We literally took zero to extremely low rest the entire and it was great. You can check out the madness below, but I also wanted to finish with a though on Mike.
He’s a guy who gets it. He understood the opportunity he had in the UFC and he is taking full advantage of it. His work ethic is unbelievable and he’s as tough as they come. 
Mike has always been great for MP and I just wanted to reiterate to everyone that he’s a true professional and a really good person too boot. That’s a hard combination to beat.
Now, let’s torture those shoulders!

Click Picture Below for the:
 #MPnation PODCAST Episode #2
 Guest: Michael Bisping     Hosted by Cory Gregory

 #MPnation PODCAST Episode #2 Guest Mike Bisping

Shoulder Torture Circuit
Lateral raise - 20 reps
Frontal Raise - 20 reps
Do 4 sets total

Next Circuit:
Serrano press - 15 reps a side
Band face pulls - 20 reps
Do 4 sets

30 minutes of walking lunges with a 30-lb. Vest

This was an awesome workout!!


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